Punjabi Grocery & Deli

photo by Robert Menzer

Cheap-eats fiends and cabbies who’ve just filled up at the gas station down the block find a haven at Punjabi Grocery & Deli, a green-awninged slot on East 1st Street that sells exemplary Punjabi takeaway 24 hours a day. Trays of glossy samosas sit invitingly alongside vats of curried vegetables, daals, and saag paneer, which are warmed in a microwave (don’t knock it; that’s how this works) and then served over rice. Accompany your two- or three-item combo with roti; the char-speckled chewy flatbread is great for absorbing extra stew. Round out your meal with a bowl of kheer (rice pudding), and then stock up on packaged Indian snacks from the counter on the way out. If you weren’t lucky enough to grab some of the extremely limited counter space and are too far from home and hungry, there are plenty of park benches nearby.