Mighty Quinn’s

photo by David Penner

Born from that mighty concept incubator Smorgasburg, Mighty Quinn’s smokes our favorite barbecue in the city. Hugh Mangum’s corner smoke shack in the East Village lives up to the lofty expectations set by his mobile operation while avoiding Williamsburg-length lines. Lustrous hunks of pulled pork and slices of brisket wobble with tenderness, served on their own or piled onto brioche buns with a shimmering blanket of sweet and sour “Texalina” sauce. A Flintstonean beef rib sports aggressive bark with a juicy interior that more than makes up for pork ribs that could be a wee bit softer. Enough with the quibbling. Mangum delivers an unparalleled experience, with craft beers available by the cup or growler and thoughtful sides like edamame with goat cheese and broccoli tossed with buttermilk dressing, bacon, and almonds. The mostly under-$10 price point seals the deal. As the city continues to saturate itself in woodsmoke and meat juices, Mighty Quinn’s exudes slow-cooked success.