Mas (farmhouse)

photo by Dominic Perri

Rustic-chic Mas (farmhouse) evokes a country house in France, and it celebrates the farm. While many restaurants have jumped on that bandwagon in the decade since this one opened, few are serving dishes with the precision lent by chef Galen Zamarra, who continues to apply masterfully refined French techniques to New York’s rural bounty. Choose from à la carte options or one of two tasting menus: a four-course prix fixe (which you’re welcome to customize) or the six-course, off-menu chef’s selection, a run of hyperseasonal dishes that exhibit Zamarra’s best work. If you’re going à la carte, don’t miss the burrata with house-made pumpkin seed granola, or the house-cured Arctic char with purple potatoes in a grapefruit-vanilla sauce. But if you can’t decide between kale-stuffed roasted chicken breast with hedgehog mushrooms and the delicate skate wing with baby turnips and carrot purée, there’s a way to have them both: If you’re having the four-course prix fixe, you'll get two half-entrées instead of one.