photo by Reimy Gonzalez

When Mamoun Chater opened Mamoun’s in Greenwich Village in 1971, he wanted to support his family, and cooking the food from his native Syria was the best way he knew how. But his falafel gained a fervent following, and that has seen the eatery, now a family business, through more than four decades in a neighborhood where most mom-and-pops have been replaced by corporate chains. Chater’s four sons — Galal, Kinan, Nedal, and Hussam — now run the restaurant’s five locations (another in Princeton, New Jersey, is coming soon), and Galal, who began helping his father in the kitchen at the tender age of 11, says the brothers are dedicated to keeping tradition alive. That’s lucky for those of us who occasionally find ourselves in the Village late at night: Mamoun’s is open until 5 a.m.