Lure Fishbar

photo by Robert Menzer

For a moment not long ago, it looked as though Lure Fishbar would fish no further. Billionaire landlord Peter Brant was vying for a substantial rent hike, and owner John McDonald argued that his almost-10-year-old restaurant couldn’t survive the squeeze. So the restaurant’s high-profile celebrity and media clientele took #SaveLureFishbar to the Twitter and reeled in a win: McDonald and Brant negotiated a new 10-year lease, and the subterranean nautical oddity sailed into smoother waters. Which means chef-partner Josh Capon can continue putting out some of the freshest catches in town in a dining room styled to look like a yacht: porthole-evoking windows here and there, dark-wood beams angling overhead, cozy modular spaces at sleek ocean-liner pitches. It’s a full-on sushi experience in a markedly non-Zen setting, but settle into a plush semicircular booth for supple, melt-in-your-mouth raw offerings that practically flop off the rice they’re bedded on. Capon also trafficks in hand rolls and oysters, crudos and tartares; Lure digs deep in the raw-fish trenches, and if you’re dining here, so should you. If you like your fish cooked, find fetchingly prepared specimens, whole or filleted, grilled or steamed, in savory broths and curries. If it’s good enough for the stars that pack the house nightly, it’s good enough for you.