Blue Hill

photo by Jen Munkvold

When Dan, David, and Laureen Barber opened Blue Hill in 2000, it was an early outpost of the farm-to-table movement that would come to define New American dining in the subsequent decade. In his lowlit, garden-level dining room, Dan meshed simple, farm-fresh food with the demands of fine dining at the peak of the era of molecular gastronomy. Here you’ll enjoy fun, innovative platings — a vegetable crudité speared to a block of wood, a carrot grilled as one would a steak — as well as more traditional offerings, like tender medallions of grassfed lamb served in jus with an endless array of seasonal vegetables (endive in winter, greens in spring). There are few menu stalwarts here, as the chef is constantly rotating dishes on and off the list to accommodate what’s in season on his upstate farm Stone Barns and from local purveyors. After nearly 15 years in business, Blue Hill has steadfastly adhered to the Barbers’ original vision of a cozy neighborhood restaurant where you can come for a special dinner and never have to eat the same thing twice.