Photo by Dominic Perri

448 Lafayette Avenue


Open daily, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.


How good can a doughnut be? March yourself into Dough to find out, and enjoy a few moments of slack-jawed incomprehension as you chew a yeasty, salty-sweet dulce de leche, or a seasonal treat like bittersweet chocolate with Earl Grey or a doughnut coated in tart, blood-orange frosting. Sweets maven Fany Gerson — whose wildly popular La Newyorkina vends the Mexican frozen pops called paletas — launched Dough at the Brooklyn Flea after months of experimenting with her recipe. She sold her sticky breakfast pastries to a line that would grow every week until she finally landed a small storefront in a quiet section of Bedford-Stuyvesant in 2010. From there she disburses a dozen or so glazed and filled doughnuts at a time — some of them new experiments inspired by whatever global flavor Gerson has recently become fixated on, and all of them baked and finished throughout the day — plus doughnut holes and French-press coffee. In the summer you can occasionally find kids mowing down doughnut sundaes outside the front door, and you should join them: The only thing better than these doughnuts is these doughnuts with ice cream. Dough recently sprouted a satellite location in Manhattan, but it's worth making the trek to this remote outpost where it all began. Regulars include longtime Bed-Stuy residents, who buy by the dozen and make it as far as the door, if they're lucky, before digging into the box.